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How does Juniper Accounting work?

  • A customer makes a booking

  • The booking enters the system and joins the Accounting module

  • The module manages sales invoicing at both levels:

    • Customers: receipts
    • Supplier: payments
Juniper Accounting
Juniper Accounting

What possibilities does it offer?

Juniper Accounting has addons or additional functionalities, designed to meet the specific needs of each business:

  • Account Export Interface: Data export system for bookings, invoicing, customers and suppliers. It allows to integrate and synchronise all the information with accounting systems or ERPs.
  • Automatic invoicing: Automatic generator of invoices to customers.
  • Generic Import Payments: Automatic recording of customer receipts by importing them through a file.
  • Financing: Management of instalment payment.
  • Voxel: Automatic invoice import and export.

What advantages does it provide to your business?

  • It integrates the accounting with the booking system via a single centralised tool.
  • It increases the efficiency and speed of the invoicing, providing processes such as bulk invoice issuance or review of outstanding invoices.
  • It reduces the investment in management procedures, reducing them in a single click.
  • It reconciles bookings and invoices with receipts and payments
  • It exports all your accounting data to an external system via the Accounting Export Interface.
  • It sends and receives invoices via Voxel.
Juniper Accounting